No Plastic, No Tin, No Screws To Twist In! 

$47.00 plus shipping

Release the ratchet.

How the stand works.

Grinnen's Last Stand 

A Real Stand for a Real Tree! 

        Our stand uses a strap & ratchet to hold the tree          in the stand. 
The strap makes tight contact around most of the tree stump, instead of a few spots like stands with screws do.

The stand is made of steel that has been powder coated.
Powder coating is having colored powder sprayed on warm steel, then the part goes into an oven where the powder melts on the steel, then cools and hardens to a smooth                   tough sealed surface that prevents rust.             This treatment will last much longer then paint. 

The basin is separate for a few good reasons 
The water basin is 3 gallons to give the tree the water it needs to be fresh.
At the end of the season you can tilt the tree back, pull out the basin without spilling left over water.
Also if the basin cracks you can just replace it with another 
common 3 gallon or bigger dishpan.
With many other stands the water reservoir is built into    the stand and when it breaks you have to replace            the whole stand.

Also levelers to help tilt the tree straight.

Made in Wampum. Pa. 16157.

Christmas Tree Farms That have our Stand.

Lake Forest Gardens
737 Chapel Drive
Fombell, PA 16123
 (724) 758-5706

McConnell's Tree Farm

836 Cleland Mill Rd,
New Castle, PA 16102
(724) 730-2569

Lockwood's Greenhouses 
4484 Clark St,
Hamburg, NY 14075
(716) 649-4684

Spring Pond Tree Farms

3439 US-11
Mexico, NY 13114
(315) 963-7590

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Some of the tree farms listed below may have stands.

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