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Made in Wampum, PA.
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It is 2012 and we still sell tree stands

My name is Jim Grinnen and my wife is Barb.
We would like to tell you a little about our stand.
When we got married I found out that Christmas decorating
was one of Barbs favorite pass times. So our first Christmas we needed a big tree and a good stand.
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The tree took longer to pick out then our living room furniture but the stand would be easy (I though).
The stand I found was $18.00 and the box said it
would hold a tree as well as the Earth did.
After 2 hours of trying to get the Earth like grip I cracked the stand.
 I was #$*+@ to say the least and Barb was Crying, what to do next? Have a few beers, not a good start
to the holiday.
Having a back ground in masonry I realized that for something to stand it has to have a strong foundation.
I started playing around with different designs over the years. Finally I designed this stand as a simple and strong foundation for a Christmas Tree.
Our stand had a spot on the DIY Network show Cool Tools.
Click here to see the video at You Tube.
(The tree they use is a bit small)
This may not be a good picture. But I think you can tell Barb is happy.
Barb likes this picture.
This tree had 150 pounds of frozen rain on it.
christmas_tree_stand001008.jpg christmas_tree_stand001007.gif
Click on a picture to see me standing a tree.
christmas_tree_stand001006.gif christmas_tree_stand001005.gif
How to use.
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